Cleaning installations and equipment of heavy oil fractions

Cleaning of heavy oil fractions is possible, and can be achieved by using appropriate chemicals. This allows us to achieve the required results in the process of neutralization, as well as during the removal of polymers, the dissolution of deposits, emulsification of hydrocarbons and deactivation of pyrophoric substances.

During the cleaning process proposed, an emulsified solution is formed, whose gas absorption properties eliminate acids. In addition, a particular advantage of this method is the significant minimization of waste disposal costs. This is because in the final phase of the cleaning process, the solution in the dump tank automatically separates into an aqueous layer and an oily layer. Thanks to that, only a small oily layer needs to be neutralized, since the remaining aqueous layer can be discharged to a sewage treatment plant.
During the cleaning process, observations and checks are carried out on relevant parameters such as chemical oxygen demand, pH, EC and temperature; this designed not only for process control but also to guarantee its effectiveness.