Cleaning and neutralization of HF Alkylation and H2SO4 installations and any other equipment.

In the field of equipment and installation cleaning (such as HF Alkylation Units and H2SO4 Units), Brustech offers unique technologies for simultaneous cleaning and neutralization.

Technology that is used in the cleaning process posses many advantages. It reduces the downtime for both equipment and installations to only 48 hours, which allows to speed up interior inspections and any necessary repairs. In addition, this technique neutralizes the equipment, removes all kinds of residues and gases and also effectuate the decontamination.

The usage of our technology, which uses strong buffer substances, provides for quick and safe completion of whole neutralization process. In addition to removing and neutralizing any kind of residues or polymers, it reduces the time required for the cleaning process and for restarting the equipment, thereby minimizing all costs. An important aspect in favour of this method proposed by Brustech, is the fact that it neither causes corrosion, nor – what is especially important – does a threat to the environment or to human health.