Services for Industry

Our website is dedicated to wide variety of customers. You will find information about the technology and techniques of various cleaning methods used for cleaning and removal of contaminates from industrial installations and equipment, as well from all kinds of surfaces. You will also find information about the potentials, advantages and benefits of the technology we offer.

Brustech offers services on the highest technological level based on new technologies. We offer modern cleaning methods which are able to deal with all types of residues, as well as corroded steel. The technologies offered by us provide a high quality service, ensure health & safety and protection of the environment. Our services are specially prepared for customers from the maritime industry, the chemical industry, the energy sector, refining and petrochemical industry, aerospace, food, construction and maintenance industries.

We have a fleet of machines and equipment with a wide range of capabilities, allowing us to complete the most difficult tasks entrusted to us quickly and professionally. Our staff have many years of experience. We work with industry leaders and suppliers of the latest technology in the cleaning sector from Europe and the USA.