Chemical Service

In the field of cleaning, rinsing and pickling we offer:

  • Cleaning of equipment such as: heat exchangers, condensers, compressors, tanks, cisterns, boilers, coolers, natural and mechanical draft cooling towers, reactors, absorbers etc.

  • Chemical rinsing of equipment and installations

  • Alkaline cooking of new and upgraded equipment and installations

  • Removal of copper from power equipment

  • Pickling and passivation of equipment and installations

  • Disinfection of installations and equipment

  • Anti-corrosion protection

  • Cleaning of oil, petroleum derivatives and paraffin installations

  • Cleaning of heating, cooling, sewage, waterworks, steam, technological and air conditioning installations and equipment etc.

Chemical cleaning services are conducted using latest technology.

Our technical facilities and expertise enables us to professionally assess the chemical composition of the contaminates, which allows us to carry out the chemical cleaning process rationally.

Chemical cleaning can be used on equipment and installations made ​​of:

  • copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, graphite, plastic and stainless steel