Hydrodynamic High Pressure Cleaning up to 2500 bars

Industrial cleaning, which uses hydrodynamic technology, also called „water jetting”, rely mainly on water stream technology, with power ranging from 1000 bars up to 2500 bars. Because of it's wide array of advantages, hydrodynamic technology can be used in many different kinds of industries, from power, petrochemical and mining industry to building, chemical, shipbuilding and food industry.

Brustech takes an active part in process of implementation and development of high-pressure techniques. We have technical potential, knowledge and many years of experience in the field. With all that, we can provide newest and the most effective solutions within the range of high-pressure techniques up to 250 MPa.

While working on projects, we're using high-pressure devices with the selection of specialistic nozzles, heads, spray-guns and all the others accessories, that are necessary to efficiently clean-up any kind of surface.

In the repair and maintenance work we use our techniques to:

  • turbine condensers and other heat exchangers cleaning
  • rotary air heaters and combustion gases cleaning
  • chambers and boilers heat exchange surfaces cleaning
  • pipelines cleaning and purifying from impurities
  • tanks and chimneys cleaning
  • concrete cleaning, renovation, demolition and cutting
  • surfaces cleaning and preparing them for anti corrosion coating cover


Brustech has high pressure equipment, that is ideal for harsh, corrosive marine conditions.

This allows us to perform tasks such as:

  • Cleaning ship's cargo holds
  • Cleaning ship's engine rooms
  • Removing rust in ballast tanks etc.