About the Company

Brustech is a group of professionals involved in planning and execution of cleaning projects for almost 20 years.

Comprehensive cleaning of industrial installations and equipment from the toughest technological contaminants, chemical cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, vacuum cleaning are only a few applications and examples of our specialization. Our services are used in following industries:

  • shipbuilding
  • offshore
  • petrochemical
  • chemical
  • metallurgical
  • coal
  • building


We give high priority to both safety during the tasks and to the environment.

  • We are proud of our highly skilled workforce
  • Brustech will take on extremely difficult tasks in all conditions.
  • Range of highly specialized equipment is available.
  • Competitive pricing guaranteed.

Greeting to all our customers both regular and newcomers. We look forward working for You.

Piotr Goga
Chairman of the Board